Who’s that guy?

Anthony Bray, Partner – Account Director

If you weren’t a go getting partner in a successful advertising agency, what would you be doing to earn a living?

Tough choice. Either a strength coach at an AFL club, a police officer dishing out some tough love or running a cafe in Byron Bay.

What’s your favourite ad at the moment?

Not sure about currently, however the “Not happy Jan” ad campaign was brilliant. People still use that line today. Massive pats on the back for whoever came up with that one.

Do you have a party trick?

Yes. I like to tell people that I am a biscuit designer and my claim to fame was designing the Iced Vovo. It’s amazing how many people believe me.

When you’re alone in the car do play air drums or air guitar?

I wouldn’t dare tap my steering wheel any harder than I need to, so I just sing like Susan Boyle.

What’s your favourite place for breakfast?

Currently Pillar of Salt on Church Street. The chilli scrambled eggs are amazing; coffee is spot on as well.

What’s the best place in the world and why?

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Delicious food, beautiful people and a sensational fashion scene.


What's the best thing you've ever done?

Quit my bar tending job and headed to the mountains of Whistler, Canada for 4 months of absolute fun.


Secret garden.

Sometimes working on the first floor of a building can be a little claustrophobic. Everyone cooped up in the same space, breathing each other’s air and jostling for space in the fridge. It can really put you on edge. So to alleviate this problem and start realigning our chi, we have brought the outside in, through the installation of our new garden. There’s grass, outdoor furniture and even a swing. And what garden is complete without a pool table? It’s the perfect spot to gather for a drink on Friday night. Or even Tuesday morning for that matter.


Welcome newbies.

Things have been pretty good for the agency in 2011. New clients have come on board leading to us expanding both our account management and studio teams. Here are three of the newest recruits who have just been indoctrinated into the ways of tomorrow.

Originally hailing from Germany, Thomas Steinborn has joined the team as our new art director. Thomas has extensive design experience in Europe having operated his own studio in Madrid for many years. In true design fashion, Thomas claims he moved 'down under' in order to see design from another angle.

Also joining our studio as a designer is Katie Fraser. To keep herself centred, Katie has become a devotee of Bikram yoga and is hanging out for the day when she gets an invite to Bikram Choudhury's mansion in L.A.

Coming aboard as an account manager is Daniel Resoort. Dan has finally decided to join the glamorous agency side of the industry after a stint at News Limited. In his downtime Dan plays in a 9 piece hip hop band and claims to have beaten Ian Thorpe in a swimming race when they were 9.


We like new friends.

tomorrow agency has recently been appointed to the Caydon Property account, taking over the campaigns for their Trilogi, Atria and One Lygon projects. We're really excited about playing our part in making these projects successful.


The name’s Bond.

No, not the womanising super spy with a penchant for a witty double entendre. tomorrow agency has just played a part in launching the latest residential project from Deal Corporation, 8 Bond St, in South Yarra. Bold design, striking photography and soulful renders helped this campaign present a different slant on a classic lifestyle. The highlight of the campaign was the creation of a 60 page book which showcased the South Yarra story, see above. We also produced a display suite fit out, signage and other marketing collateral, however, it's the book that has been most warmly received (and has us feeling pretty pleased with ourselves). Check out some more images of our latest pride and joy on our Work page.


Time for a T party

As the end of the financial year approached the staff at tomorrow agency were growing weary. It had been a big 12 months and everyone had putting in the hard yards to make sure everything ran smoothly during one of the busiest periods in the agency’s history. It was time to reward ourselves on a job well done the only way we know how; by having a tea party. Unfortunately for those of us who have a real passion for a good, hot cup of Earl Grey, it was actually a T party, where we had to dress up in costumes that began with the letter T. We had a tiger, some tourists, Tokyo, a set of twins and yes, even Tom Selleck dropped by. It was a great night with the entire agency getting into the spirit. A special thanks to Liv, Ness and Ant for organising the night and to Janine and Damien who ran an awesome trivia competition considering the very “festive” nature of the crowd.