Ray Lee

Introducing our new Chinese language media services

24th August, 2017

tomorrow is extending their already extensive media offering with the appointment of Ray Lee, who will head up our new Chinese language media services department.

Late last year we identified an opportunity to offer a new media service to our clients that actively targeted local Chinese residents. This segment accounted for a growing percentage of off the plan apartment purchasers and so we wanted to find a way we could communicate with them in a more efficient, targeted manner.

Fluent in Mandarin and boasting extensive media experience, Ray’s appointment allows us to utilise advertising channels that had previously been unavailable due to the language barrier.

Our service allows developers to actively target this highly sought after audience and based on the campaigns we have currently running, they produce excellent results.

For more information on our new Chinese language media services and how they can work for your development, contact
Ant Bray on 0407 850 603 or anthony@tomorrowagency.com.au.