Beyond Google & Social: 5 Digital Campaign Channels You Shouldn’t Overlook

29th May, 2024

While Google and social media platforms are undeniably powerful tools in any digital marketing arsenal, relying solely on them might mean missing out on other awareness and conversion channels.

Anthony Sich, our Digital Performance Manager, emphasises the importance of a multi-channel strategy.

“Digital channels range widely in their ability to generate brand awareness and engagement versus lead generation. A successful campaign leverages a variety of these channels, recognising that consumers often need multiple interactions before they convert,” Sich notes.

Let’s take a deep dive into five often-overlooked digital campaign channels that could significantly enhance your marketing mix:

1. Outbrain: Mastering Content Discovery

What It Is: Outbrain stands out as a premier content discovery platform, seamlessly integrating your project’s news articles and stories onto popular sites like CNN, MSN, and It targets users based on their interests, browsing behavior, and demographic information, offering content that either directly promotes your product or engages your audience on relevant topics.

Why It Matters: With Outbrain, you can captivate a new audience through compelling storytelling. By presenting different project angles, you can attract and guide qualified leads into your marketing funnel.

Impressively, Outbrain boasts one of the industry’s lowest Cost Per Mille (CPM) rates, around $0.50, with Cost Per Lead (CPL) ranging from $200 to $400. This affordability, coupled with its effectiveness in audience engagement, makes Outbrain a valuable addition to your digital strategy.

Reach: Outbrain can reach approximately 80% of Australia’s online audience, offering broad access to potential customers across various content consumption patterns.

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2. Digital Out-Of-Home (OOH): Visibility in Motion

What It Is: Digital OOH encompasses a range of outdoor digital media, from large billboards to digital displays in bus shelters, train stations, shopping centres, and airports. Unlike traditional static OOH, digital OOH can feature animated content, making it more engaging.

Why It Matters: Offering massive scale and flexible targeting by demographics and location, digital OOH allows for creative diversity and dynamic presentation. With the ability to update creative content based on the time of day or specific locations, it ensures your message resonates more profoundly with your audience. Its ability to blend widespread visibility with targeted messaging makes digital OOH an indispensable channel for broad yet focused outreach.

Reach: Digital OOH advertising is capable of reaching over 70% of the Australian population, making it a powerful channel for achieving widespread visibility and engagement.


3. Spotify: Tuning Into Your Audience

What It Is: As a leading digital music and podcast streaming service, Spotify offers a unique advertising channel that allows your brand to connect with audiences through their favorite audio content.

Why It Matters: Spotify advertising introduces an innovative way to enhance brand recall and connect with target demographics at scale. Whether through music or podcasts, ads on Spotify can engage listeners in a more personal and relaxed environment. Moreover, creating voiceover ads directly on the platform presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional radio advertising, offering precision targeting and improved engagement metrics.

Reach: Spotify boasts a reach of about 36% of the Australian population, offering targeted access to a diverse and engaged audience of music and podcast listeners.


4. Programmatic Advertising: The Future of Ad Buying

What It Is: Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling of ad space, utilising real-time bidding for various formats, including display ads, video, audio, and digital TV.

Why It Matters: This technology-driven approach allows for real-time campaign optimisation and in-depth targeting based on a wide range of user attributes. Programmatic advertising not only offers unparalleled efficiency and precision, but also provides valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions swiftly.

Reach: Programmatic advertising’s reach is extensive, encompassing up to 90% of Australian internet users through various formats and platforms, making it one of the most flexible and scalable options for digital advertising.

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5. Catch-up TV: Reaching Viewers on Their Terms

What It Is: Advertising on catch-up TV platforms like 7plus, 9Now, 10 Play, SBS On Demand, and Foxtel On Demand allows you to place ads in a digital environment where users watch TV content at their convenience.

Why It Matters: Catch-up TV advertising combines the traditional appeal of TV ads with the precision of digital targeting. Ads can be tailored to the viewer’s demographics and interests, offering a more personalised advertising experience. This channel is particularly effective for building brand equity and engaging with audiences in a relaxed, receptive state.

Reach: Catch-up TV services can target around 50% of the Australian population, providing a significant opportunity to engage with viewers in a highly targeted and measurable way.

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How do these digital channels fit into my marketing strategy?

While Google and social media remain essential, exploring additional channels like Outbrain, Digital OOH, Spotify, Programmatic Advertising, and Catch-up TV can provide a more rounded and effective digital marketing strategy.

We specialise in crafting comprehensive campaigns that leverage these diverse channels to ensure your message reaches its intended audience at multiple touchpoints.

For a consultation on how to integrate these platforms into your next campaign, reach out to Managing Director Ant Bray at