Fitz and Kerr: A Uniquely Fitzroy Edge

13th July, 2023

Located in a prime inner-Melbourne location, Fitz and Kerr is a collection of premium apartments featuring striking architecture, beautifully composed interiors and a distinctly Fitzroy edge.

The brief

Boasting a rich and diverse history, Fitzroy is an eclectic neighbourhood home to everything from high end boutiques and fine dining restaurants to vintage stores and farmer’s markets.

This amazing contrast was echoed in the design of Fitz and Kerr, and we wanted it to flow onto the brand too – a brand that would capture the craftsmanship and luxury of the residences themselves, but also showcase all the personality and wonder that makes Fitzroy such a unique and iconic destination.

The development also had two street addresses that would each be used to access apartments once constructed. The client was hopeful that we could find a way to represent that in the branding. Ultimately, it was that desire that led to the creation of the name Fitz and Kerr, with the two words in the name representing the two parts of the development.

Taking a pared-back approach

Fitzroy has a very big personality as a suburb. It is very visual with striking architecture, street art, shops, restaurants, markets and more bringing countless layers to the landscape.

It would have been natural for us to try and capture that busy visual style and echo the look of Fitzroy; however, that would have only led to our brand blending in with everything else.

Instead, we took the complete opposite direction and crafted a brand that placed a premium on space and minimalistic design. Even our colour palette was heavily restricted, employing a red-on-red approach that was at once bold and understated.

The results

Our campaign has recently launched and early indicators show the Fitz and Kerr concept is resonating strongly with the target audience. The overall digital performance in June delivered results above the benchmark, with an excellent conversion rate of 9.47% and a low cost per lead of only $136.22. We look forward to seeing even more positive results in the coming months.