Fitz and Kerr


A uniquely Fitzroy edge.

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Located in a prime inner-Melbourne location, Fitz and Kerr is a collection of premium apartments featuring striking architecture, beautifully composed interiors and a distinctly Fitzroy edge.

When creating the brand, we wanted to capture the craftsmanship and luxury of the residences themselves, but also showcase all the personality and wonder that makes Fitzroy such a unique and iconic destination. It would have been natural for us to try and capture the suburb’s busy visual style as a means of echoing the look of Fitzroy; however, that would have only led to our brand blending in with everything else.

Instead, we took the complete opposite direction and crafted a brand that placed a premium on space and minimalistic design.

Developer: Henera
Architect: Idle Architecture Studio
Interior Designer: Telha Clarke
Sales Agent: Eton Property Group