Macquarie York

Rekindle the romance of the coast.

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Niña is a new apartment development on the Gold Coast’s Chevron Island, comprised of elegant 2 & 3 bedroom residences. Its developer, Macquarie York, wanted a brand that would stand out in the busy Gold Coast market, connect to the building’s bold architecture and appeal to a more mature audience.

With those requirements in mind, we created Niña; meaning ‘girl’ in Spanish and ‘grace’ in Hebrew, Niña immediately connected us to the notions of timeless curves, rhythm and elegance that define the structure. We drew inspiration from the classic 1950s Italian riviera aesthetic, but reimagined for the Gold Coast. Photography was mostly black and white, with subtle filters added to create a sense of nostalgia.

Our ultimate goal was to create an iconic, timeless and sophisticated representation of coastal style that would appeal to our target market.

Project Manager: Macquarie York
Architect: Plus Architecture
Developer: Aecore