From Likes to Leads: 6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Property

20th November, 2023

It’s no surprise that Australians love social media. In fact, 81% of the population are active social media users, according to this Digital 2023 Australia report.

The vast numbers are just one reason amongst many why social media should be an integral part of any property marketing campaign. Read on to learn more about the benefits of social media marketing for the property industry:

1. Reach a broader audience with social media

Not only are about 4 in 5 Australians active social media users, but they’re also an active audience, with almost 1 in 3 internet users using social networks to research brands and products.

Source: We Are Social Digital 2023 Report

By including social media channels into your campaign mix, you have a greater chance of reaching prospective buyers that you might not reach on other platforms. Additionally, you will increase overall brand awareness by offering more opportunities for a buyer to be exposed to your brand (as it takes consumers an average of 5–7 impressions before they start recognising a brand).

2. Generate cost-effective leads for your development

You can highly target prospective buyers through sponsored posts on social media, either by boosting organic posts for leads, or remarketing ads to drive leads to your website.

Remarketing ads are used to reach people on social media who have already visited your website, with the goal of nurturing them further along their buying journey, bringing them back to your website, and ultimately converting them. They’re cost-effective too, with an average cost per lead of $50–100.

In terms of regular targeting, you can narrow down on audiences through their interests, gender, relationship status, educational status, age, location, language and occupation.

3. Build trust with your audience

According to Adobe’s 2022 Trust Report, which surveyed approximately 14,000 consumers, 76% said “it is important for brands to show empathy by demonstrating they can see things from the consumer perspective, understand their frustrations and know what is really important to them”.

Social media can build trust and connection by addressing pain points, being useful and communicating transparently. From construction updates and sales milestone to FAQs, location data and profiles, regular communication via social media channels ensures your audience feels informed and part of the journey.


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4. Showcase your development with creative, engaging content

Social media includes a wide range of formats, from static single-image posts or carousels to short video content and animations, and this diversity encourages creativity and innovation.

It’s the perfect place for creating dynamic, engaging content, particularly video, which should be a key part of any social media campaign. According to a survey by Sprout Social, 66% of consumers report short-form video to be the most engaging type of social media content in 2022, up from 50% in 2020.



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5. Have a two-way conversation on your social channels

Unlike other advertising (display, programmatic etc) that has no opportunity for engagement, social media allows you to both advertise to and engage with your audience, from likes and follows, to having conversations and answering queries through comments and direct messaging.

And these conversations matter to buyers – Sprout Social found that if a business providing similar products or services is offering better help on social media, 30% of consumers would choose the competitor.

6. Drive traffic to your website

Along with targeting leads through paid advertising, you can also optimise your social media to drive traffic to your website.

Do this by including website links in your profile and organic posts, and sharing valuable content from articles, for example, with a CTA linking back to your website’s blog. You can then tag any relevant stakeholders in these kinds of posts (sales agents, developers, architects, etc.) to boost the post’s reach, and drive more clicks to your website.



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