Want to Build Home Buyers’ Trust? Turn to Content Marketing

8th October, 2023

Buying or building a home is one of the largest purchasing decisions someone will make. So how do you get home buyers to trust you enough to purchase from you?

This is where content marketing comes into its own. While traditional marketing is a must for generating leads for your property development, it is content marketing that is going to build trust with prospective buyers.

According to Adobe’s 2022 Trust Report, which surveyed approximately 14,000 consumers, 76% said “it is important for brands to show empathy by demonstrating they can see things from the consumer perspective, understand their frustrations and know what is really important to them”.

Driven by our understanding of the property market and the uncertainties that can lie within it (such as rising interest rates or supply chain delays, for example), at tomorrow we take a pro-active approach to strategically using content to build trust.

Here’s how we do it.

Know your audience

This one is a given for any form of marketing, but especially important for content marketing. It goes beyond the usual demographics of first home buyers, downsizers, families, professional couples, etc. and into more detail such as:

  • what are their worries or aspirations?
  • what do they need to know?
  • what matters to them?

This will be the lens that you apply to your content.

Communicate transparently

One of the best ways to build trust is through frequent and transparent communication; essentially, keep your buyers and prospective buyers in the loop.

A construction update EDM for our client V&A Broadbeach, shown on mobile mock upConstruction update EDM for V&A

We recommend using a range of channels to provide project updates like construction progress and sales milestones, for example. Through website articles, EDMs and social media, you can create reassurance as you take your audience along on the journey with you, ensuring they feel informed throughout the process.

At tomorrow, we can also find and execute exclusive opportunities such as editorials for platforms like REA, for example, to provide project updates at scale.

Stay useful and relevant

When generating content ideas, always ask what information will be useful and informative for prospective buyers. For first home buyers, this could be a guide to the buying process; for investors, a data-driven article on why to invest in a particular location; for downsizers, the lifestyle they can expect when they buy into a luxury apartment development.

There are also many opportunities to emotionally connect with your audience by telling relevant stories. These could be stories of locals who feel a connection to the area, of existing residents of a land estate, or the personal motivations of a developer.

A laptop mock up showing an article on the Westwood Fraser Rise website, 'How to Secure Your First Home or Investment at Westwood'Article on the buying process for Westwood Fraser Rise

Are you ready to build home buyers’ trust through content marketing?

If you’re interested in learning more about our content marketing services, reach out to our Managing Director, Ant Bray, at or 0407 850 603.