Going for gold

13th May, 2018

The awards season is upon us again!

This year we have six nominations in the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards and would really love your support to help us take home gold.

The awards celebrate creativity and innovation in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages.

Last year we were lucky enough to take home a few silver trophies which we were pretty chuffed about, but this year we are going for gold.

The Design Awards are judged based on public vote, so we would really appreciate if you could click the links below to our projects and give us a five star rating.


Graphic Design – Illustration & Type

Devitt Property Group

Bowery Deanside 


Graphic Design – Identity & Branding – Lifestyle

Manning Doncaster

Bowery Deanside 

Aldo Fraser Rise 


Advertising – Print

Manning Doncaster 


Winners will be announced on May 17. Your vote counts!