How to Adapt Your Property Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

6th December, 2021

Australians are changing how they live and work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and property marketing strategies have evolved to reflect this. While see-sawing restrictions brought challenges to the property market, reworking your strategy can bring new opportunities and incredible results, even in these uncertain times.

Here are a few ways you can adapt your property marketing strategy.

Own the digital marketing space

At the start of the pandemic, buyers turned to online research as a matter of necessity. They were able to access information online more efficiently than ever before, with virtual display tours, online sales consultations, digital brochures and promotional videos becoming the new norm.

The fantastic result of this was higher quality leads, who were more informed about properties before they even spoke with agents – and we’re seeing this trend continue, with potential purchasers continuing to research thoroughly online at the start of their buying journey.

We recommend investing in a robust digital marketing strategy including targeted advertising to reach potential buyers in their research stage, plus automated EDMs that drip feed information to buyers in a timely manner throughout their buyer journey, helping them make informed decisions and creating quality leads for agents.

Cast a wide net

The rise in flexible and remote working is seeing buyers move further away from their workplaces, with an article on Business Insider Australia revealing 4 out of 5 Australian businesses who offer remote work, think the trend is here to stay.

Traditionally, campaigns would focus on targeting buyers from neighbouring suburbs, particularly if a development is located on the suburban fringe. As times change, it’s now worth broadening your reach and marketing strongly to other target markets, such as city dwellers looking for that sea or tree change, or movers from interstate.

Highlight unique features and outdoor spaces

The introduction of remote working and increased time at home has influenced the amenities and features Australians prioritise when buying property. A home office or study area is a must, along with flexible, open spaces that can be used for multiple purposes, perhaps partitioned with furniture, or with a desk tucked into a nook or alcove. The pandemic has also highlighted the need for recreational space in the home, such as home gyms or outdoor amenity offering a space for respite and play.

Garage spaces, open plan living, that extra bedroom or study and outdoor areas such as backyards, courtyards, balconies and terraces, are now major selling points for buyers. By promoting these spaces in your campaigns and styling them appropriately, it will appeal to a broader target market and represent an elevated level of modern living.

Promote community amenity

Travel limits during lockdown restrictions have made Australians all too aware of what is within close radius of their homes.

Living walking distance or a short drive away from essential shops, parks and sports reserves, and walking-cycling trails is considered highly desirable for buyers looking for convenient living and is a key advantage of master-planned communities, such as Everley in Sunbury or Westwood in Fraser Rise.

While we hope travel restrictions are a thing of the past, they have definitely left an impression on buyers of how proximity to community amenity can affect quality of life – which is why we always highlight it as a key message of any marketing campaign.

Ultimately, tell a story that resonates with buyers

As always, it comes down to understanding your audience. Knowing how buyers have changed their living and working habits, and appealing to this through storytelling across both imagery and copy, will ensure you connect with your audience and provide them with the right information they need to make a purchasing decision.

If you need help constructing a marketing campaign that’s effective in the current market, contact our Creative Director Lars Weisenberger on 0447 133 022 or lars@tomorrowagency.com.au.