V&A Broadbeach: Everything & More

28th April, 2022

V&A is Broadbeach’s new landmark precinct, comprised of two spectacular residential towers, world-class amenity, commercial office space and vibrant ground-floor retail and dining facilities. It’s more than a home – it’s a lifestyle destination, with the best of the Gold Coast at its front door.

The brief

Fully integrated development and hospitality group, Iris Capital, wanted to position their new development on the intersection of Albert and Victoria Avenues as a new lifestyle precinct in Broadbeach.

Amenity was a key selling point, as the two residential towers will preside over a recreational podium, retail, dining and commercial office spaces. It also places residences in the heart of Broadbeach, one of the Gold Coast’s most bustling locales, and this lifestyle offering needed to be central to the brand narrative.

We knew that to win the client, we needed a pitch that hit the mark in all these areas: precinct, amenity and location.

Artists impression of V&A exterior

Copy and design: a dynamic duo

We took a simple but effective approach to the precinct name to answer the brief, using the streets the development resides on: Victoria & Albert, abbreviated to V&A. Not only does this clearly signal the location of the precinct, but it implies the grand nature of the development, encompassing two avenues.

We then chose an aesthetic that was very light and bright, reflective of the Gold Coast and inspired by the landscape surrounding V&A (as were the residences themselves). This aesthetic was supported by three primary colours: indigo, ocean blue and sand, a nod to V&A’s proximity to the ocean.

Once we had the look and feel, the next step was working out how to carry the key selling points through into a campaign. The focus on the staggering amount of amenity, both in the development and in the community, is what led to the creation of the “& more” campaign. The leading tagline “Everything & More” draws attention to depth of the lifestyle on offer by subtly exploring the endless number of activities, amenities and feelings this development can spark.

It works by using the ampersand that is so prominent in the branding and partnering it with a single word, which is then placed over an emotive and immersive image: phrases like & Swim, & Dine or & Bask.

Over time, or in executions like an Instagram feed, these ideas build on each other, revealing a beautiful and captivating story that will resonate strongly with the target market.

V&A Instagram feed

A matter of timing

The biggest challenge by far was the tight timeframe to launch. This meant we were developing the brand and collateral while the building was still being designed. While this certainly wasn’t ideal, it meant we had to be organised and plan out every step, while remaining very nimble – a skill we were well-versed in from the events of 2020.

The results so far

V&A’s first release kicked off in December 2021 with impressive results.

We created a strategy focused on brand awareness and building brand trust in the lead up to the launch. Partnered with an intelligent approach to paid content, to date we have generated over 6000 leads for well under $100 per lead, as well as some fabulous brand positioning placements.

Most of the sales at V&A have been for product above the $2 million mark, which is well and truly over the Gold Coast’s median unit price and reflective of the development’s unique and diverse offering, which caters to buyers at the luxury end of the market who are on the hunt for that something special.

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