Email Marketing for the Property Industry

4th May, 2022

Email marketing is an incredibly valuable way of communicating with potential buyers and is a must-have tool in all our marketing campaigns. One of its top advantages is the quality of the audience. It enables communication with subscribers who have already indicated an interest and awareness of your brand by subscribing to your email list.

It’s a channel known for high ROI (with HubSpot reporting an ROI of $42 per dollar spent) and the ability to connect with customers throughout their buying journey. A 2020 HubSpot report revealed 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over a 12-month period.

So, how can emails be used for property marketing?

Build trust with potential purchasers

Email marketing is like an ongoing conversation with your contacts. Each email gives you a chance to build trust, deliver on your promises, and showcase your brand. By sending the right emails that potential buyers are interested in, and maintaining consistency, your audience will know what to expect from you. Once you set these expectations, the key to building trust is to consistently meet them.

Nurture your audience by providing value

Use emails to nudge your subscribers further down the buying funnel towards the consideration and decision stages. By educating potential purchasers and giving them the relevant information they need to make an informed decision, you’re more likely to convert a subscriber into a lead. At tomorrow, we’ve found the content that works best for educating audiences in the property industry includes items such as digital brochures, virtual display tours, promotional videos, and stage release updates.


Everley EDM


EDM promoting a land estate stage release at Everley in Sunbury, targeting subscribers already aware of the estate and offering the stage plan as a download, with a CTA to book an appointment.

Personalise emails using segmentation

Segmentation is the ticket to sending highly targeted and personalised emails. It allows you to group your contacts by information such as location or age, and create segments for demographics such as first homeowners, investors or retirees. Once you have this information, you can target specific audiences with relevant messaging, information and products that meet their consumer needs.  A 2017 Mailchimp report found that segmented email campaigns performed better overall, with one statistic showing segmented campaigns earn an impressive 100.95% higher clickthrough rates compared to non-segmented email campaigns.

Utilise automation to save you time

Sit back, put your feet up and let email automation do the hard yards for you. Automated email marketing is a series of pre-built emails that automatically send to your subscribers. You can collect new leads through sign-up forms and automate workflows such as welcome emails, free downloads or resources, relationship-building emails and re-engagement emails. Timeliness is a major benefit of email automation, with emails able to be triggered by certain events in a subscriber’s purchasing journey.



For our Queensland client V&A, we designed a series of automated emails triggered by a subscriber registering, drip-feeding them key information about the development to encourage their interest and awareness.

Make data-driven decisions

Analyse the data from your email sends and use it to improve future email performance. Metrics such as clicks, open rates and bounces can be used to measure performance, along with A/B testing, which compares factors from the subject and preview text to the email’s content, to see how they affect results.

Looking to bolster your marketing strategy? Let us help craft relevant emails that engage and resonate with your audience.


If you have any questions about this article or advertising in the property industry, contact Ant Bray on 0407 850 603 or anthony@tomorrowagency.com.au.