Why marketers are moving back to full service agencies

1st November, 2018

Outsourcing your marketing is certainly the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to meet all of your business marketing needs. It gives you access to a team of strategic and tactical marketing experts, who are up to date with industry trends and new technology, helping you stay well ahead of the curve.

However, outsourcing to multiple niche agencies at once can often be counter-productive and challenging to coordinate. For example, you might have a PR agency managing your social media, a creative agency designing your branding and a team of media specialists handling your media buying. There is limited communication between these agencies, which often creates delays, a lack of cohesion and extraneous amounts of stress to you and your business.

This is why companies are increasingly seeking full service agencies that are able to provide services for all facets of the marketing process and can work across a variety of disciplines. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your design and advertising needs, meaning that all of your experts are in the one place with a single point of contact, making communication seamless and instantaneous.

Full service agencies have an overarching planning department that can design and execute marketing campaigns of any budget and size. The agency’s in-house specialists are all experts in their field and are able to use their integrated approach and cross-discipline thinking to create better continuity across all of your marketing channels.

This approach is particularly useful when it comes to maintaining fluidity and cohesiveness across your company’s brand voice, messaging and goals. Having one agency manage all of your marketing platforms means that there is one tone used across all channels. This unifies your presence, strengthens your brand identity and triggers instant recognition as customers move between each relevant touch point.

It also means that the agency will always have a holistic view of your business in terms of tracking and analysing activity, and can understand exactly what’s happening across the entire campaign.

At tomorrow, we have the creatives, copywriters, media specialists, photographers, analysts, search and social experts, account managers and business innovators all in the one place.

We are able to provide full design, marketing and media solutions for any campaign. Our aim is to devise holistic strategies for every campaign we are given, and evaluate how each department within our agency can help achieve the best possible outcomes. If you’d like to discuss how tomorrow’s full-service offering can benefit your business, contact Managing Director Ant Bray today on 0407 850 603 or anthony@tomorrowagency.com.au .

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