Establishing credibility through content marketing

16th November, 2018

In an era where the public’s trust in businesses, the government and the media is falling into steep decline, marketing teams are relying on content marketing to offer their customers valuable information, build long-lasting relationships and establish credibility in their industry.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on the distribution of online material to attract and engage a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, drive profitable customer action.

Creating content for your property advertising campaign, (such as videos, infographics, blogs and eBooks) that provides high quality information to your prospective customers, is a successful way to create awareness around your projects and generate new leads.

One of the main reasons content marketing works so well in property media campaigns, is because of the time it takes for a purchaser to buy a home and the level of research they need to do, before making that decision. This is where your content can help.

According to a recent survey by, 43% of prospective home buyers read property related articles at least once a week, with 21% reading them daily and a further 21% reading them monthly. 70% of buyers said that they would find videos related to buying an off-the-plan/new apartment helpful, 44% would like to be able to access suburb/neighbourhood guides and 41% said they would like to see tips and guides for buying off-the-plan.

By offering interesting, informative and relevant content that appeals to your target market and guides them through the buying journey, you are able to create an aura of authority and expertise, positioning you as a credible and trustworthy source for knowledge and insight.

Apartment developers could offer articles on the benefits of low-maintenance apartment living or a how-to guide in buying off-the-plan. Developers that are building in a suburb most people haven’t heard of, could create infographics showcasing data relating to the suburb’s growth, videos exhibiting the area’s promising future infrastructure, or a blog post about the real estate trends in the surrounding suburbs.

Valuable, hyper-relevant, in-depth content such as downloadable brochures, eBooks, infographics, high quality videos, newsletters and social media posts, will keep prospects updated on your project’s progression, whilst positioning your company as experts in the industry.

It will also mean that you will have more on-site content, which will result in your website ranking higher organically on search engines, attracting more social traffic and subsequently, an increased conversion potential.

Our team at tomorrow are experts in property advertising. We can help you enhance your property creative strategy and build your brand awareness through the distribution of high quality content, that meets the needs your audience didn’t even know they had.

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