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The brief for Bowery was to create a friendly, approachable brand for a land estate in the new suburb of Deanside, that focused on community, the plans for the future and the natural landscape.

As Bowery was inspired by the area’s agricultural heritage, we really wanted to find some way to bring that to the fore of the brand. The notion of growth was fundamental to our brand proposition.

Originally we had hand drawn our Bowery logo so that it had a loose, hand crafted feel. However, we felt we could take it further.

We created a large format stencil of the logo and in the corner of the office, attempted to create the logo using objects like grain (something grown in the area) and leaves. Once we’d painstakingly crafted the logo, we photographed it, touched it up in post and bingo, we had a hand crafted logo that truly epitomised the history and nature of the area.