WinEx Group

Elegant by nature.

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When WinEx Group briefed us on their new boutique, apartment development in the leafy suburb of Doncaster, they stressed that it had been conceived as a union between the natural and urban environments.

The materiality of the residences was a really important part of the proposition. Everything had been specifically chosen in order to portray the residences as unique, bespoke and prestigious, with a connection to nature.

We seized upon this and endeavoured to do all we could to imbue all aspects of the brand with references to these materials. Some were incredibly subtle, while others were very obvious.

The plants used in our imagery referenced the types of timber within the building. We also used this timber to create frames for the images in our display suite. Textures and tones from tiles and stone were used as backgrounds within our printed collateral and we even recreated one of the textures on the cover of our brochure. All these aspects came together really organically, to deliver a brand that felt uniquely suited to its environment.