Devitt Property Group

Devitt Property Group

Personifying class.

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On the back of creating a string of successful property developer brands, tomorrow were tasked with creating an identity for the newly established Devitt Property Group.

Devitt Property Group was a boutique, family business. They took pride in providing personalised service and products of the highest quality. Even the Directors themselves were the epitome of classic gentlemen. Everything about the business harked back to a time before big, faceless corporations dominated the landscape. We really liked these attributes and felt that they would resonate strongly with potential property purchasers.

We created a customised sans serif font which became the centrepiece of our refined, elegant logo. It was partnered with a classic charcoal and gold colour palette that allowed the vibrancy of their imagery to shine through. It was a strong, trustworthy and established look that embodied all the very finest traits, not only of the Devitt Property Group, but also the people behind it.