West Melbourne

Hawke & King

Brunswick Group

A new level of
community living.

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Hawke + King offered unique warehouse style apartments in West Melbourne, just a stone’s throw from the CBD. This development also placed great emphasis on creating an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Our task was to develop a brand that responded to the building’s design, highlighted the environmental aspects and demonstrated how the development would enhance the local community.

Our name was taken from two of the streets around the site, utilising a colour palette, icon, fonts and photography that all referenced the materials used to create the building. It was a brand with a premium feel, that also brought an industrial edge. T here was alsoa focus on capturing great location imagery to highlight the lifestyle on offer and really build a sense of community.

The development sold very strongly, mainly due to the combination of unique product and amazing location, however, we like to think the branding had a little bit to do with the overall success.