National Pacific Properties

The new heart
of Clyde.

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Hartleigh is a boutique land estate located in Clyde, a suburb in Melbourne’s south east. That sounds terribly generic, but in actual fact Hartleigh is anything but. In fact, it is the first step in the evolution of a suburb. It heralded the first development in what will become the centre of Clyde, meaning that it needed to set the benchmark for all that was to come.

When National Pacific Properties approached us to create a brand for this estate, their requirements were simple. It needed to create a premium, aspirational feel and convey how important it would be in the future of the area. They wanted a brand that felt like the best offering in the area. A brand that didn’t dumb things down or rely on outdated stereotypes. In their words, they wanted a brand that “felt special and unique at every touchpoint.”

A quick look at the competitors that were active around the site and we could see that they all seemed very generic and stereotypical. We really didn’t want to create just another campaign with kids running through fields and a leaf in the logo. Instead we chose a direction that was heavily influenced by the more sophisticated branding we were bringing to our apartment development jobs.

By pushing the boundaries of what was expected from a land brand, whilst keeping the overall proposition grounded and authentic, we feel that we were able to create a brand that felt fresh and new.

This was furthered by the technology we integrated into the campaign. Our project website was far more interactive and emotive than the standard while we enhanced the interactivity of the display experience through the implementation of a touch screen table and bespoke app.

Bringing all these items together with regular communication pieces, beautiful marketing collateral, promotional items and bespoke signage and way finding, meant that we really were able to make every touchpoint feel special.