The Rook – Pentridge

Shayher Group

Prestigious residences steeped in history.

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The Rook is a boutique apartment development in Pentridge, Coburg, on the site of one of Melbourne’s most notorious prisons. It features spacious apartments targeted to local owner occupiers. We wanted to create a brand that had a strong connection to the rich history of the precinct, which was well-known to locals, but would also be distinguishable from other residential offerings in the area. Colour became a key part of the branding; a heritage green with copper was chosen, while the name itself harks back to the prison’s iconic architecture. A crown motif is used in the logo, which will also be used in the other residential brands within the precinct to maintain an overall connection.

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Developer: Shayher Group
Architect: Konzepte
Builder: Construction Engineering
Agent: Dynamic Residential