Ocean House: A Life of Hidden Depths

16th February, 2022

Perfectly positioned in Palm Beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Ocean House is a boutique collection of only 8 ocean view residences. Each luxury residence spans an entire floor of the complex, offering panoramic views and a quintessential Queensland holiday lifestyle.

The brief

We knew it was critical to create a unique concept where the richness of the storytelling would distinguish Ocean House from other luxury property developments on the saturated Gold Coast market.

Lifestyle was a key factor, as Palm Beach offers laidback coastal living different to other fast-paced locations along the Gold Coast. Then, of course, there was the understated luxury of the residences themselves.

Our pitch included a name, branding, tone of voice and unique proposition that were original and bold enough to carry a successful marketing campaign. The client agreed, we won the pitch, and after a round of high-fives we got to work.

Our early challenge

We needed to create a unique proposition that encompassed both the lifestyle and the luxury of the residences.

The development was so clearly defined by the nearby ocean, that it became our inspiration for the ‘Discover a life of hidden depths’ concept. From the outside both the building and the ocean are striking and beautiful, but it is only once we break the surface and look more deeply, that we can truly appreciate the wonders that lie within. This concept speaks to the layers of stunning detail in the design and materiality of the residences, and also to the rich coastal lifestyle that residents can immerse themselves in.

The name Ocean House fits the development, and this brand direction, perfectly. It places direct emphasis on the most spectacular aspect of the residences, but it still manages to retain an exclusive, private feel that is required for such a boutique collection of luxury homes.

This concept rolled over to our approach to the design. Seeking to visually embody the understated luxury of the residences, we chose a photography style of emotive minimalism that uses limited subject matter to evoke deep, engaging feelings. Tonally, the photography is inspired by the classic colours of the beach. Light and shadow create a rich mood, while contrasting natural textures provide an almost tangible sense of depth.

The overall design aesthetic is light and airy, playing on soft pastel colours and natural textures to evoke the layers of detail within Ocean House, and pay homage to its spectacular coastal surroundings.

Aerial Image of Main Beach, Gold Coast

Ocean House Photography – Main Beach

Innovation in print

Building on the notion of depth and the fact we only have 8 residences in the development, we devised a unique idea to represent the spectacular landscape.

By stitching together images of the same landscape taken at different times of the day, we created a visual that is truly unique and emphasises the individuality of the development.

This stunning printed feature is the hero of the brochure that readers will remember for its originality and execution. It adds another level of exclusivity and luxury to the purchasing process.

GIF of Ocean House Brochure Spread

Ocean House Brochure Spread

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