Solid gold property branding

25th April, 2017

A little over a year ago, we quietly began work on creating a corporate brand for new property company CostaFox Developments. It was a great job that we were really able to get our teeth into, but never did we expect that 6 months after completion we would be accepting a gold award at the Melbourne Design Awards for it.

“Keep it simple and premium, but completely unique.” That was the brief we received from CostaFox founder Michael Fox when we sat down with him to discuss ideas for his new property development company brand. A deceptively complicated prospect. In a world where everything has been done before, how do you make something truly unique?

After a lot of deliberation, we ended up creating a completely custom typeface for CostaFox, ensuring its individuality. Partnered with an elegant colour palette and clean layouts, the brand achieved everything required of it.

Feeling particularly proud of the work we had done, we entered the CostaFox brand work into the 2016 Melbourne Design Awards in the Typography and Illustration category and low and behold, we won! It was a really proud moment for the agency. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, pop in and check out the award as it takes pride of place at reception (along with the other 3 awards we picked up that night).