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Jackson Green is a large scale apartment and townhouse project that it was projected to run for upwards of 5 years. Due to the longevity it required, we spent a lot of time upfront, planning a comprehensive brand strategy that would see the development of the master Jackson Green identity, along with individual sub-brands for each subsequent release.

This was a really time consuming process with the development of style guides and concept evolutions, however, it has ultimately placed the development in a very strong position with a clear vision keeping all members of the project team on the same page.

To date we have rolled out core material for the Jackson Green brand, as well as four townhouse releases and one apartment building release. There is a high level of consistency throughout this material, but with enough difference to clearly differentiate each component.

At this stage sales at Jackson Green have been strong and consistent, with further releases scheduled to hit the market in the next 6 months.